Monday, May 11, 2009

me first and then gimme gimmes

Numero uno, I had a job interview today that went very well! I don't want to jinx myself but I left that place feeling as though I fit like a puzzle piece. That is a great feeling, one I haven't had for quite some time. I haven't been part of the work force world since November '07, feels like a life time ago! I thought about trying out but decided being an independent woman would probably be the best direction for my life! Ha, but that doesn't mean I am shutting down the idea, it's not probable but anything is possible, jk... not really but ya.

Dos, I need a new LBD!! Well, I guess it's more of an I want. Here are a few I have been lusting over, let me know which one is your fave!

Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Sheath Dress

Rachel Pally Iris Strapless Dress

Calvin Klein Cap Sleeve Dress

This last one you are approaching is definitely the one that gives me the sweetest dreams, it's also the most expensive. I call it the out of my jobless price range unless I find that sugar daddy dress! But a girl can dream!

Alexander Wang Mesh Inset Dress

And the sexy back. Oh it's a setsy time!

I am looking forward to hearing feedback on these lovely lil diddies! Hope you are having a relaxing and enjoyable Meditation Monday..... oooooommmmmmmmmmm!

Peace out, keep it real, love to you all!

Oh and all of these are available at Nordy's, just hit up!


  1. Ahaha! You made me laugh girly! I want a sugar daddy too! If only...

    my fave LBD is the Calvin Klein one, but only because I'm not that adventurous when it comes to clothing.

  2. I like the Rachel Pally Iris Strapless Dress. I've been thinking lately about investing in a LBD myself. You've given me some motivation to go searching for the perfect one. :)

  3. I actually really like your first option. Cute blog!

  4. Adorable blog...thanks for the add!

  5. Rachel Pally!!! Everything she does is amazing. And that one is sexayy!!

    I'm so glad your interview went well today mama! GO US! xo

  6. Congrats congrats! I hope you get it!! the dresses. .. love

  7. The first one is sexy and timeless. I would def get that one. I also love the Alexander Wang one, but it's a bit grungy and trendy. So.. definitely the first one.

  8. online shopping is the best! :) I love LBD's! Happy shopping! :)

  9. they are all fabulous, but that last one is amazing!!!

  10. That Alexander Wang dress is just beautiful. I reminds me of Preen in way. They've been doing a lot of sheer mini dresses lately. I seriously want to hop on the bandwagon, but I just don't know yet.