Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a girl wants

All I need to survive.

Thank you all for the bronzin' 411. As the days go by and my laziness kicks in I am thinking about taking Droll Girls advice ... "Go white, go bright!", doesn't sound too shabby. We will see. Hope you are having a fabo Sunday Funday!

Mission Impossible?

Mission Statement: Get bronzed.

I am a fair skinned girl. My friends like to call me Powder, Casper, Vanilla Milkshake... I could keep going but you get the point. Basically any name that implies my skin blinds them. Next week I will be going to Idaho for a wedding and I would like to have a little color on my ghostly limbs. However, I am a working girl these days and don't have time to lay out on at the beach every day like I did last summer. I am calling on you for some help.

The tanning bed just seems ridiculous, studies show people who fake-n-bake are 70% more likely to get skin cancer. No thanks. I don't want a side of cancer with my color! I have tried a few different self tanning gels, foams, oils, lotions and potions over the years but they always seem to turn me orange. Even the ones made for fair skin. I have thought about doing the spray tan but I am scurred I will come out looking like a pumpkin!

I would love to hear your suggestions for a summer glow DIY, keep in mind I only have four days time to get bronzed and most of that will be spent in an office.