Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mission Impossible?

Mission Statement: Get bronzed.

I am a fair skinned girl. My friends like to call me Powder, Casper, Vanilla Milkshake... I could keep going but you get the point. Basically any name that implies my skin blinds them. Next week I will be going to Idaho for a wedding and I would like to have a little color on my ghostly limbs. However, I am a working girl these days and don't have time to lay out on at the beach every day like I did last summer. I am calling on you for some help.

The tanning bed just seems ridiculous, studies show people who fake-n-bake are 70% more likely to get skin cancer. No thanks. I don't want a side of cancer with my color! I have tried a few different self tanning gels, foams, oils, lotions and potions over the years but they always seem to turn me orange. Even the ones made for fair skin. I have thought about doing the spray tan but I am scurred I will come out looking like a pumpkin!

I would love to hear your suggestions for a summer glow DIY, keep in mind I only have four days time to get bronzed and most of that will be spent in an office.



  1. Keeks! OMG you have to get Tan Towels!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just tried them this week and they are sooo amazing and easy! I got them at planet beauty, I dont know if they have them up there, but I can send you some-butttt I don't know if you'd get them in 4 days.

    But seriously, I am as fair as you and I am not orange or streaky and its SO EASY to apply cuz its on a lil towel...I was going to blog about this next week but you're my girl so you get the inside lol.

    I miss you! Southern Cali misses you! Lemme know if you want me to overnight some to you!

  2. Umm that website is annoying...I like buying them at the store because you can get individual towels...I don't want you buying a case if you don't like them! See if any upscale beauty supplies around you have them and if not let me know and I'll overnight a few SO FAST.

    P.S Flowers and Starbucks from my Keeks sounds like heaven. :) Well just my Keeks would do. (and starbucks)

    Love you mama.

  3. I used Aveenos gradual tanner for my wedding. It was really natural looking and didn't have that weird smell that so many of them do. Glad to see you back!!

  4. hey fellow whitey! i am super white, too! and you know what? i no longer care! i am trying to avoid wrinkles and cancer, so i just let it be.

    i have never had luck with the self-tanners. they either end up being a weird color, or they itch, or they look uneven!

    so i know you don't want my advice (go white! go bright!)! but, i wish you the best!!!!

  5. Hi from Portland! Thanks so much for your kind comment re: my first nasty commenter on my blog.
    As for the tan thing...I am paler than paler - like the color of milk-paler than the walls in my house. I CAN'T tan. Period. So for my wedding, I did the Mystic spray-on tan in the booth. I did it for 3 consecutive days (I think I bought a 10-time package which was like $75 or something, but this is 5 years ago now, so I'm not sure what it would be now.) I was a lovely faux-caramel color [AND it was pretty much perfectly even] and everyone told me that I looked healthy and great - in the wedding photos I wasn't this blinding flash of get the picture. I'd recommend it highly! (For me, it looked a little orange since I have red hair and redheads who tan look weird...Lilo, for example...but I think you'd look great! Just don't forget to put the barrier cream before tanning on your knees, ankles, and your hands ESPECIALLY on your cuticles. I was so careful with the cream but didn't do around each nail...after 3 days, when I went to get my french manicure for my wedding I had these awful orange rings around each nail bed that the manicurist couldn't remove...just to let you know!)

  6. Hey for Melindas wedding I went to a spa and had someone airbrush my tan on...(I was prego and it does not have harmful uva's) just stand there and they paint a tan on that is so perfect it is cousin did the same for her wedding this summer and it looked awesome and natural! She thanked me for the advice! As it wears off it may look a little streaky but that is a week to two weeks after getting it done...DON'T DO MYSTIC TAN IT CAN TURN OUT HORRIBLE!!!(orange and streaky all over!!!) Hope you have fun!