Saturday, May 9, 2009


For all y'all that don't know... my title of this blog entry is New Kid On The Block. I am not a fan of the band nor was I when they were hip back in the 90's. Everyone else I knew would have screamed a very high pitch noise, you would think only dogs could hear, at the mention of NKOTB. But not me! Ok. Sure. Maybe in the 2nd grade, I did think The Right Stuff was a rather catchy tune but I wasn't about to do a talent show routine to it (unlike a couple of my besties... one day that video will need to be on youtube). Wow, I am giving those kids way too much airtime! I only chose the title because this is my first blog ever, yessss popping my blog cherry as I type.

Thank you to
Unbeweavable, she is the amazingness that inspired me to start blogging!

Please be patient with me while I learn my way around this bloggy blog world and stay tuned for some daily rants, loves and laughs.... it's my life, my style. Right?


  1. So excited you started a blog lovely! I know you have so much fabulousness to share!!

    YAYYY!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. welcome to blog land! you almost lost me at nkob, but that is the music snob in me that i need to tame. :)

    i hope you love blogging. it is ADDICTIVE!!!