Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Lip Scrub w/ a side of steroids...really?

Have you ever made an impulse purchase? Sure you have, everyone does it. I think it's normal, but what do I know about normal? Ha! Last time I was at Planet Beauty, (which let me tell you has been ions being that I haven't lived in California since last October and Oregon isn't blessed with the amazingness!) I was in line waiting to pay for my necessities feeling a little bummed even though new shampoo does excite me, I wanted something more, something random and new to try, so I threw The Lip Scrub by Sarah Happ up on the counter. After the excitement of my new goodies wore off I probably used the lip scrub once or twice and then in my move I completely forgot about it. Until the other day when disgusting, annoying ants decided to invade my bathroom. I super freaked on the ants, dug everything out of my cupboards and in the midst of it all found the lip scrub. It is sugary goodness and leaves my lips feeling so soft and moisturized. I am now obsessed with using it everyday as part of my getting ready routine. My impulse turned into an obsession, does that justify it? HECK YES!

It's really awkward when you have to call a prospective employer and explain to them that you may not pass your drug test because you have been taking steroids! Don't worry I am not all 'roided out and trying to get juiced up, beefed up or anything related. I had been sick for weeks, really sick. Coughing this horrible bark, seriously, even Quinn (my parents golden retriever) would look at me like "What the hell is that noise?" I went to the doctor after my dad convinced me I was on my death bed and even the doctor cringed at the noise coming from my esophagus. He gave my lungs a listen and told me they were clear, then asked me if I was sure I didn't swallow a hot wheel or anything. Um, no hot wheel consumption for this girl! His conclusion was that I had a virus in my trachea, oh he had some big long doctor word for it that I do not recall at the moment. Doc wrote me a prescription for steroids as I asked him really important questions like "This isn't going to make me grow a beard is it?", he assured me with "Well at least not in this decade."

Happy Hump Day to you all! I hope it's loverly!!!


  1. 1. I have to get that lip stuff immediately.
    2. I fucking hate ants.
    3. YOU JUICE MONKEY hahahahaha omg! I didn't even know you were still so sick! But if you had to take a drug test thats a good sign, right? jobby job! <3

  2. Hahah! That cracks me up that it could affect your drug test! I could totally see something like that happening to me. I'm kind of intrigued by that lip stuff, actually...

  3. i hope the barking has stopped!!!!!! your description was so funny, but i hope you are better.

    i have to take steroid eye drops sometimes for an eye problem i get called iritis. no beard yet. THANKFULLY. ;)

  4. your blog header is absolutely AWESOME.

  5. THAT is FRICKIN hilarious!!!! And yes I must get some lip scrub...

    Just wanted to say thanks for following and the comments :) I love them :)

    ALSO get yourself over there and in on the contest/drawing... :)