Sunday, July 12, 2009

D & G for Fall

I know it's drought season and most of you are basking in that delicious summer heat. I am assuming the last thing on your mind is fall fashion because you are sporting your maxi dress, sunnies, flippy flops and ultra tan skin. But for me it's a little different. Sure there has been a couple days where it has gotten up to the 90's and it was hot as hell. That I don't like. I am sort of a temperature snob and need a constant 77 degrees to be my best, most beautiful self (ok, ok, there is a fluctuation of a few degrees and I stay happy ;0)).

Today is another one of those sweatshirt wearin' mid July days and it feels like I should be cuddled up under a blanket sipping hot cocoa by the crackling fire. Or I should be slow cooking a roast and sipping on red wine just to warm up the crisp air. Those are things I enjoy in the fall/winter months.

Instead I am day dreaming. Get a load of D & G's Fall Fashion Line. I kid you not, I started drooling when I saw this add from Neiman Marcus in my inbox. Now, on a bankers salary I unfortunately won't be able to go all shopaholic style and indulge. Sad face. However, this is definitely part of my fall fashion inspiration board!


  1. Oh, Patty like...must get my hands on this.
    Oh yes, and hot? I showered three effing times today. Lucky duck.

  2. That dress with the fan skirt is basically the most beautiful thing I've seen, EVER.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh, the leather blazer and LBD. So gorgeous!

  4. That pleated dress is just wonderful.

  5. The dress that is fourth down- I'm completely smitten with, I think I would just be swept away into another world... -e