Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend forecast

Simple Saturday.
Yummy yoga.

Scavenge yard sales.

Get lost in the library.

BBQ with friends.

Sleepy Sunday.
Brunch is the best.

Take a chillaxative.

What are your plans?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! me: lunch with dad, a nice long hike, time with friends, lazy mornings in my pajamas, and hopefully some dancing.

  2. i will live my weekend vicariously through you! :-) sounds fantastic. I will be working...

  3. Love the pictures, and that sounds like a pretty damn perfect weekend!

    Just got back from dropping my mom off at the airport (got up at 5:30 am!) it's a bit of an early start to the weekend, haha.

    Have a lovely one!

  4. you find the most awesome pictures!!!

  5. oh!!! your weekend looks fab!!!!!!!!

    today has been a zillion errands for me, and plans to try some new recipes, catch up on books and blogging, and most likely a bottle of wine tonight and some good z's. not too wild, but that's ok.

    hope the rest of your weekend is fab!

  6. oooh i love the book picture...too sweet!!

    ooh your weekend sounds so delightful :)

  7. Oh, I wish my weekend could be this perfect.


  8. that sounds like an amazing weekend. i LOVE the picture with all the books. i really want to have a floor to ceiling wall of books in our new house. we'll see...

    as for my weekend, i will be packing and moving and unpacking and cleaning. can't wait til monday!

  9. loving the sound of your weekend! its cold & pouring rain here, so its dvds, snuggly blankets and hot chocolate for me!


    ps. cute blog!!!

  10. Tag you're it. You have goodies on our blog.

  11. That sounds PERFECT! That's what I hope to do this weekend - relax!

  12. I changed the name of my blog and accidently deleted my followers grrr! Can you come back over and follow me again? Thanks darlin!!