Saturday, June 6, 2009

Deathly delicious

It is that time of year, when nothing is better than the refreshingly sweet, watery taste of watermelon . I don't care for any other type of melon, which is a good thing, being I am allergic to all melon including the desirable watermelon. Bad things happen when I eat melon and lets just say I am not in the mood to take a trip to the emergency room. In an attempt to satisfy my urge (although I am beginning to think I am just torturing myself) I thought I would share a few of the taunting reminders that have been teasing me and making my craving linger.

The daring and d-lish Katy Perry.

These fruity Vans are featured in the July issue of Nylon.

This picture seemed appropriate, she looks like the watermelon is torturing her.

The makeup roll bag was stumbled upon on Etsy, it's sold out but I had to show you all!

What is your current craving that can't be satisfied? Please do tell!


  1. how cruel to be allergic to watermelon! not fair! but this post is so cute.

  2. love that makeup bag!

    i don't care for watermelon flavored items..BUT i LOVE watermelon...

    i will now eat some JUST for you!!!

  3. She looks like the watermelon is torturing her! HAHAHAHA

    I miss you Keeks. XO

  4. I'm so sorry. I just ate a bag full of sour watermelon candies this week. I feel for you. But those Vans are a sweet compromise!